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Trump’s speech about Iran – سخنرانی ترامپ درباره ایران

Trump’s speech about iran

طی چند روز اخیر سخنرانی آقای ترامپ رئیس جمهور آمریکا، واکنش دولتمردان و مردم ایران خبرساز شده است که علاوه بر آن واکنش دولتمردان کشورهای دیگر را هم برانگیخت.

در این قسمت خلاصه ای از مهمترین حرف های آقای ترامپ و برخی از دولتمردان ایران را برای مطالعه زبان آموزان سطح متوسط به بالا به همراه معانی برخی از لغات قرارداده ایم.


President Trump says he will not certify the 2015 Iran nuclear deal ahead of a Sunday deadline, but the move does not automatically withdraw the U.S. from the agreement. Trump laid out his strategy in an address on Friday. Below are his full remarks, as released by the White House.

Hours earlier, the US secretary of state, Rex Tillerson had acknowledged that it was very unlikely that the JCPOA agreement could be change, but suggested that the issue of Iran’s ballistic missile program and the time limits on some of the nuclear constraints in the deal, could be dealt with in a separate agreement that could exist alongside the JCPOA.

Trump appeared to go out of his way to goad Iran, even linking Tehran with al-Qaida and the attacks on US embassies in 1998. He referred to Tehran as a “fanatical regime” and a “dictatorship”. He even referred to the body of water almost universally known as the Persian Gulf as the Arabian Gulf.

“How come a president has not yet learned the name of a famous gulf in the world, the same Persian Gulf that US vessels always pass through aimlessly?” a riled Rouhani said in his response.

“He needs to study geography, but also international law. How come an international agreement that is endorsed by a UN resolution, which is a UN document … how a US president can annul such an international document?”

Zarif made the remarks on Saturday during a live interview with Iranian national TV in response to Trump, who failed to certify the international nuclear agreement on Friday.

“Trump is in no position to verify Iran’s compliance with the JCPOA,” the top diplomat stated, asserting that quitting the deal is among Tehran’s options.

Zarif further noted that regulations within the American government are not related to Tehran and the US must honor its international commitments under the agreement, known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

معانی کلمات ردیف
کنارکشیدن withdraw ۱
برنامه موشک بالستیک ballistic missile program ۲
رژیم متعصب fanatical regime ۳
دیکتاتوری dictatorship ۴
خلیج فارس Persian Gulf ۵
جغرافیا geography ۶
افتخار honor ۷
تعهدات بین المللی international commitments ۸
انطباق compliance ۹


برای سفارش تحقیق و مقاله انگلیسی و یا ترجمه  متون انگلیسی می توانید از طریق فرم تماس با ما درخواست خود را مطرح سازید.



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